Unbelievable;WAVE Expelled all her students a day to their Graduation


It was really a sad day for the students of WAVE Academy,  Batch 38 Yaba Centre on Monday, when they were all expelled from the program a day to their graduation.

West Africa Vocational Education (WAVE) who trained unemployed youth age 18-35 and place them on entry level jobs, majorly on hotels and retails.

According to one of the affected students who speak with our correspondent,  who want to remain anonymous; said it was all nice and smooth until Monday morning, as they looked so happy to share their ‘job shadow’ experienced with one another. According to the student, Monday (14th August, 2017) was their ‘job shadow’ presentation and final assessment day. He said job shadow is a week internship  with an established company to feel what they are going to be facing after their graduation, the devastated student said he still can’t believe that was the end of his 20 days of his sacrifices and devotion to an organisation who claims to empower the youths.

Another student said he left his previous job to join WAVE to get better job only to discover his dream of getting a better job was only a joke.

One of the students said, ‘OSARUME’ one of trainer came to the classroom and met the class half-filled, and that’s where the drama began. The affected students said, though the academy don’t joke with time management and the students knew, but being the last day in the academy and they never knew coming late to class on that day which was meant for recaps, presentations and assessment could cause them to forfeit all their devoted, energy and resources of the past weeks. The trainer started picking on irrelevant things, like failure to use name tags by some students, late submission of CV and failure to open a LinkedIn account. He further, said that those who have not met with the academy’s requirement will NOT be graduating.

People that met up with the requirement were happy that they are graduating until TOBI another trainer came in and announced that none of the batch will be graduating due to offence that were not peculiar to all the students.

OSARUME advised the students to make use of the knowledge acquired during the training.

One of the students explained that it was agreed with WAVE that the sum of Forty Five thousand naira will be paid by any of the students who secure a job on his/her own to WAVE. and 100% of his/her 3 months first salary to be collected by WAVE if they get you a job .

With this development, many of the students believe the scheme is just a scam, as WAVE do not have any job to offer to the students. one of the student said he started doubting the program since when one of their career personal came to addressed the students and said there are over 400 alumni who they are still unable to place on a job, and one of the student asked one of the trainer that since they are unable to place 400 of their trainees jobs  in 4year,why did they keep admitting students  in the academy and the trainer was a unable to answer the question properly. He said since then he gave up on them but couldn’t quit, because it was almost at the end phase of the program and considering the financial sacrifices made so far.

More updates coming soon.


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