How to get over break up

3 way of getting out of break up,3 proving method that will surely take you out of it

when good gone bad

Ending a relationship is not good and it hurt so very much,whether it was your decision or the other person’s

be rest assure that getting out of it takes time and whole lot of patient.if things don’t seem to get better with time,remember that you can always turn to your friends,family,love doctor or even mental heath professionals  for support

Method one

Move on :keep your distance ,even if you and your ex has decided to settle for the option of friendship,stay away from him or her completely this means no phone calls,text messages,flowers,facebook,email, watsaap etc right after don’t  have to stay away from him forever but pending the time required to get over your ex.

.if he/she persuade you to see him/her ask yourself an honest question what am i stand to gain from seeing each other,if you’re reliving the past by meeting him/or her,you might get trapped and getting  out this time will be very difficult

Organize your space:break up can simply means break free,is an avenue for you to have a rethink,therefore organizing your space will leave you refreshed and prepare you mind for the new thing on your way coming,break up can be depressing and will just add to your stress level

clean your room,get some new novels,watch treading movies,it will make you lot better

Remove painful memory triggers:there are so many things that tends you to remind you of your ex….a place,a song,a smell,having all this in your reach can make it harder for you to get over him/her or recover from break up,remove all those things that makes you to remember him/her quickly,clearing your space for all this triggers items will have  a tremendous effect on you

.expensive keepsake from your ex,such as bag,watch,novel,shoe,there nothing wrong in keeping this items,just put it away for a time being it will help you to get over break up quickly.

Do new things:it’s understandable to have little time to yourself after break up,just make sure after putting yourself together go out there and do great stuff,life is too short to be tied down to just one person,over 6billion people in world,make plans,go on vacation,go swimming etc,cause you need to get your social life back,doing  all this will get you out of break up.

Beware of your next relationship:so many people after break up,immediately jump into new relationship,to cover up for the crashed one,this is called relationship rebound,rebound is fine but might me very terrible sometimes  because leaving your last relationship without you been heal completely emotionally can lead to another rock hitting,if new relationship does not work,you may have to deal with the pain of two breakups at one.

so be very sure you are completely healed before,getting to another relationship,better still, remain single.

Take care of yourself[best gift ever]:many people after break up,put less effort  into self-care,doing this will not make you be a better person,you need to take proper care of yourself,even though if you have not been doing this before this is an avenue for you to start,dress well,eat good food,exercise regularly etc all this will give you a refreshed mindset to prepare you

for the new coming relationship.

second method will be addressed in my next write up stay tune


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